How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby Fully revised and updated


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Over the last twenty-five years, thousands of couples have turned to the Shettles method for choosing the sex of their babies. And thousands have been blessed with the boy or girl they hoped for. In fact, the properly applied Shettles method gives couples at least a 75 percent chance of having a child of the desired sex. Some researchers have reported success rates up to 90 percent! Many sex selection methods have come and gone, but the Shettles method - constantly under scrutiny and continually refined - has endured. In this newly revised edition, Dr. Shettles weighs the pros and cons of the more sophisticated clinical tests, presents information on the new ovulation-timing technologies, and gives recommendations for how these developments can help achieve even better results when applied to the simple, at-home Shettles method - still the best way to conceive the boy or girl you always wanted.

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